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Re: Development Status

I have tested build 8737 but it seems the same as 3440.
With CasperCG 2.1 there is a playback problem with MP4 files rendered with Adobe Premiere.
playback of HD 1080i50 h264 (HD interlaced 12 mbit) clips causes dropped frames.
This is now reported on Github too.

Play live Youtube streams

Sometimes the playback of Live Youtube streams does not work. This stream does not work PLAY 1-1 [HTML] It a live stream from a tvstation. It works fine in chrome browser. I tested with CasperCG server ...

Re: CasparCG Server 2.1 status

I already do long multiple clip playouts and this seems to work fine with latest 5422850 Beta 1. (Running two HD Decklink channels on one i5 Intel system for several weeks...) Mayor show stopper is however the MIX command and the File recorder. (please see reports Github) The MIX command ...

Re: CasparCG Server 2.1 status

I get a error when I send this ADD 1 FILE Testcap.mp4 -x264opts colorprim=bt601:transfer=bt601:colormatrix=bt601:fullrange=off If I send ADD 1 FILE Testcap.mp4 -x264opts colorprim=bt709:transfer=bt709:colormatrix=bt709:fullrange=off I get a file with color loss IF I send ADD 1 FILE "Testcap.mp4" -x2...

Re: Capture file 16:9

it is possible to capture SD 16-9 format with Casper.
We do this in mp4 format.
You have to add these special options foor mp4 capture with 5mbit quality
-b 5000k -preset ultrafast -aspect 1.33

add 1 file filename.mp4 -b 5000k -preset ultrafast -aspect 1.33

Re: PSD pruducer 1st test :)

create a HD PSD file on transparant background with a textlayer name the textlayer T1 save the PSD file in the template directory of the casper server drag a custom command in the playlist of casper client software set by stopfield STOP 1-20 (this stops layer 20) set by playfield PLAY 1-20 yourPSD T...

Re: PSD pruducer 1st test :)

any examples how to play a PSD file with one backgrond layer en 2 dynamic textlayers.
I can play this with

CG 1 ADD 1 psdfile 1

If I set the name of the text layers to [static] text1 predefined text is shown

How is the command to update text with text layers set to [dynamic] text1 ?

Re: [Sticky] CasparCG 2.0 - Disk Consumer [Updated 12-02-25]

I have started a new topic about colorloss with CasperCG capture. I can't get this right with HD capture, colorloss occurs with H264, DNXHD and prores capture. This is clearly visible when capturing a HD colorbar Something goes with colorspace but I can't get a command which can correct this. (build...

Re: color loss after capture

Update, this problem only occurs with captured casperCG clips. I found out that this problem occurs when capturing with CasperCG in mxf or h264(mp4 format) During capture the input signal is wrapped in a codec with the wrong colorspace setting. The result is a clip with less colorlevel, mostly on gr...

color loss after capture

With CasperCG capture to H264 420 or 422 I notice colorloss/change in the resulting captured clip compared to the original. Please take a look to the attachment. The yellow en green parts degrade, this can clearly be seen after 2 generations capture. This clip is played and captured via HD SDI Black...

Re: use casper as VJ server

Hi Jesper, I'm not talking about the signal going from input to output. I want fast starts of movies and audio with keyboard keys or other triggers with no or very low latency. Casper seems to react slow on play commands or opacity commands, latency even with plain vga output is much more then 2 fra...

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