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Re: AMCP Command Queue Overflow

If all the systems have synchronised time you will have the same time in both the client and any templates (since they are calculating from the timestamp). It also means that you can loose the client and the template continues correctly. You can also restart the template and send it the timestamp an...

Re: In Regards to Streaming

Gstreamer can read UDP. Caspar should be able to play UDP for example - but it has *no* methods to survive even the tiniest error in the stream. A simple: PLAY 1-1 udp://@IP:PORT should suffice to receive an UDP stream. You can also look at - they've implemented mplayer...

Re: Flicker effect

Here is an example of a HTML ticker running smoothly. Programmed about 2 years ago, running on an old build of 2.0.7. The recording isn't the best quality but will suffice to prove my point: Also I'd like to point out that the setting called something like...

Re: CasparCG OSC Client

Romain - You should spend your time on figuring out why you are loosing UDP packets. There is absolutely no reason for such packet loss in modern networks. I often do UDP streaming over the Internet with just a few packets lost pr. day.

Caspar meetup at Växjö

As stated a thousand times before I'll come to any meetup, any time, any where. I'll do a presentation of our (and others) use in Iceland (templates and server modifications - we might be doing more than you thought was possible). If there is a user that has submitted a pull request or significant c...

Re: html font smooting

andreasw You running CCG on Linux? Anyways - please submit a pull request with the updated CEF on GitHub. There was an issue since last July that upgrading CEF had a problem with delivering frames to CCG in real-time. Hopefully that is working fine on your build. REF:

Re: IRC Onscreen Client

You can find a few hundred IRC bots written in different languages all over the web. See if you can find one that can do WebSockets (it must exist given the amount of bots written) or modify one. Then you can connect to that in an HTML template. The IRC bot connects to the required channel and relay...

Re: IBC 2015

Sorry for the absence in the last couple of months.

I'll be at IBC like usual.

Didi - dinner on saturday sounds good!

Re: HTML5 Producer Performance

CCG runs requestAnimationFrame in tune with the channel. Animations that use that instead of setInterval will run at the framerate of the CCG channel. If you want a different framerate the animations would need to use SetInterval or setTimeout to run at another rate.

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