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Re: My last day at SVT

Hey Armin
Just wondering how you were going with new candidates (not rushing you just interested), Its a great bit of software, with some good pull requests in queue waiting to make it better.

Re: CEF Upgrade

Very nice, ill have a play with my HTML scripts tonight make sure they work,
What is the best way to build libcef in your PR?

Also off topic, any chance of getting the 2.0 transition and separated producer info() in your PR so it will work with justmacros? I can send you a patch

HPE dl20 small 1ru server build

Hi guys, Figured I might post a cheap 1ru server build I just did for CasparCG which is working well for me (so far) Firstly I got a HPe DL20 Gen9 Server, the nice thing about this server is that 1 it fits in my 4ru road ready case, it is 1 ru and has 2x Pci-e 8x slots (one low profile). So here is ...

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