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4k screen MSI laptop

The CasparCG client is not operative on a 4k resolution laptop. It is impossible to see the menus.
I have tried to extend the typography in the settings but the windows do not scale well.
Any solution? Thank you.

MSI 4k screen whit Nvidia 1060. Windows 10

Re: Studio Clock

The solution: I have created a new document, I have copied everything and I have pasted it in place. It has compiled without problems. Thank you

Re: Studio Clock

Thank you very much for your answer Didikunz. I understand that the template generator assigns "" if there is no assigned class. The error gives it in line 3 column 13 of class "", but only in this new project "Studio Clock". If I export another project does not give an...

Studio Clock

This is my second project at CasparCG. I need help exporting it. If I export simple templates, I have no problem. Settings look good **Error** /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CC/en_US/Configuration/Classes/casparCG/caspar/template/, Line 3, Column 13 1180: Call to...

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