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Re: Simple Video Playout

@Vimlesh1975, You are an asset to the CASPARCG and Doordarshan. I too am using a few modules of the "richest CMP" at our centre, customizing to our needs. Thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge.

Re: Simple Video Playout

At a time only one playlist can be scheduled/played. If you want to schedule another playlist, then start another instance of CMP. These two can be played on same or different layers/channels. I hope this is what you are expecting.

Re: Simple Video Playout

Utility Module.jpg Dear Vimlesh, I have made use of 'utility' module of your caspar_media_playback. As casparcg is not having a native VGA to SDI convertor facility, your simple video player did wonders for me. I was able to use it as VGA to SDI convertor,at no additional cost. Fellow members can t...

Re: Election results

It is Great . For the first time in Doordarshan network the CasparCG created great impact through your work. Received too many appreciations from various stations in the network. Kudos.

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