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Channel_layout and Decklinks on 2.1

Hi, I'm using the latest 2.1 build and was trying to get audio of files I'm playing outputted to different the SDI channels. I've found some posts related to this in the forum like this one: But the info is for 2.0.x and things don't work as ex...

Re: Auto Restart

You might also look into what is causing the crash? Is the page you're displaying your own production? check if there are memory leaks. I did experience things like this but when I stopped using some jquery rubbish things got very stable and the crashing was gone.

Green dots with Nvidia Quadro

Hi All, I recently ran into a problem running CasparCG 2.1 on Ubuntu using a NVidia Quadro M2000 videocard. All of a sudden we noticed areas with green dots in the image. The dots were present on the decklink consumers and if I dumped some screenshots using the image consumer. This machine is runnin...

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