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Syncing templates playout

Ok hopefully not to much of a stupid question! I want to sync the playout of two matching templates (which are different in colour only) through two channels. I'm I right to think that I'll need to use the 'load' command for both templates first to setdata, then play? Can I use play to start both te...

Re: Animate CC Oct 2017 Update

Ok, I just updated but selected the option to also keep the 2017.5 release version (just in case!).
Seems the new version didn't copy Template Generator, but will try Anastasiy as Peter mentioned.

Worst case 2017.5 still works fine.



Ryzen casper build

Just wondering if anyone has been looking down an AMD ryzen 5 hex core /7 build for Casper?

I guess the limiting factors are PCI lanes given Ryzen's don't have a GPU. Plus the new design still needs a bit of ironing out.

Pros seem to be cost, EEC memory support and good multi core benchmark results.

DShow buffer limit

Bit of a strange one and more to do with ffmpeg I think than anything else; When running a dshow webcam with 1080i5000 screen consumers I run into a buffer limit (regardless of frame rates and video size of the webcam feed) However seems to run fine when using a 1080p5000 screen consumer. Any idea w...

Re: Templates using AS3 & INVOKE

thanks Didi, it is pretty much the same graphic - just using a different number of lines (1 up to 10) to show depending on how many records there are to display (a results screen in effect). As I understand, your method is to animate the elements using the timeline (assume this is the main timeline?...

Templates using AS3 & INVOKE

In order to reduce the number of templates to edit (10 down to 1). I'm looking into how I can form a template and code in all animations to AS with Tweens and use the INVOKE command to show the relevant parts of the template rather than having to use PLAY x template. Can I just check I have the righ...

Use Case

After forming some templates and a client using Caspar I'm just thinking now about a use case for the system. I'll be managing the back end for a sporting event to deal with event management and result generation to which we will have a production company dealing with display outs and audio. I'm pla...

Re: Decklink Duo 2

I'm Also in the market for a Deckink card........On some other posts I have seen that only the extreme cards can do Fill and Key in a reliable fashion - or is that not the case?

FLV rendering options from Adobe AE

Hi all, Very new to CasperCG and Abobe cloud too! Great bit of software I must say! before finding this I've been using static winforms to show data. Casper will be a Massive step up in terms of output quality so thank you for making it free to use! Over the last two days I've formed a test t...

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