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Re: Simple Video Playout

This is now virtually spot on, thank you! The only thing I would say is that no matter how quick I press play then pause, the first word creeps on to the screen. I can of course put a few spaces on the first line of text, but there's a good chance my operator will forget to do this. Can you suggest ...

Re: Simple Video Playout

The capitalize function works a treat thank you!

Unfortunately, I've found something else that's stopped working (sorry!)..., pressing the pause button now resets the speed to 0?

So sorry to be a pain, and thanks again :)


Re: Simple Video Playout

Thank you so much! Works a treat now :) I hope you don't mind me asking one more question, sort of related? I've been trying to modify the file to put in a function to capitalise all text, but with no luck (I am, as you can tell no expert on this!) - I've tried doing what it suggests in this...

Re: Simple Video Playout

Firstly, thank you so much for making this program... I use it at the university I work at in the UK to display a ticker during our live Graduation ceremonies. We were having issues where it was skipping and displaying weird characters occasionally, so I upgraded from 190316 version to the latest on...

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