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Re: [Prototype] Controlling CasparCG with Elgato Stream Deck

I'm trying to control the regular CasparCG Client with the Stream Deck with just regular hotkeys (f1, f2 etc) assigned to the buttons, but the client doesn't respond to it, other software does however. Anyone else having the same? Setup: CasparCG Client V2.0.8 on ZBook Studio G4 with Windows 10 Pro....

Seek command ignored

Forgive me if this is already a known issue. I'm trying to implement a mark-in and out function into Playout Xpress , by using the "Seek" and "Length" AMCP commands. When, for example, I send the following command: play 1-1 "GO1080P25" cut seek 75 length 445 auto It get's completely ignored and the ...

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