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2.2.0 TLS Command

Hello, While testing the new 2.2.0 version, we have found this error while trying to get the TLS info: [2018-03-05 16:14:29.014] [info] Received message from Console: tls\r\n [2018-03-05 16:14:31.021] [error] Throw location unknown (consider using BOOST_THROW_EXCEPTION) [2018-03-05 16:14:31.021] [er...

Re: HPE dl20 small 1ru server build

This configuration is pretty good! Be aware that the two PCIe ports are 8x -electrical-, limiting the GPU options (the motherboard has only one PCIe x16, and the riser converts it into 2 PCIe 8x). Testing the system with a GT730 and a Duo2, the results are very good for playback and HTML templates. ...

Re: [Prototype] Controlling CasparCG with Elgato Stream Deck

By now, the easiest and fastest way for us to get the Stream Deck working with CasparCG is by using the "Website" buttons to make url calls. Just installing xampp and writing a few lines of php code does the trick. For example, to play a video file we use something like this:

Re: Decklink Duo 2


I think Streamscape is talking about the Quad 2.

I suppose the Duo 2 is just "half" a Quad 2, so it will provide you with 4 configurable in/out channels, or two fill+key output channels.

Re: The HTML Producer

This is an example of how we work with simple html templates. I've seen nicer examples made by other HTML/CasparCG experts though. This is a template we used for a swimming championship in a small club in Barcelona. Quick example here: The series...

Re: The HTML Producer

Hi leftearsons!

Sure, I'll do that, we've improved our templates substantially since we started learning how to make html templates. I'll post a couple of examples to share them with you. There are also other users posting some spectacular stuff, I'll point you to it too.

Have a good one!

Decklink Duo 2

Hi guys! Just in case some of you don't already know, blackmagic is releasing a new Duo 2 card, using the same concept as the Quad 2. In this case the Duo 2 will have 4 different configurable channels (nice!) at a price point of $495. I guess we will have to wait to the release (might be a long wait...

Re: ATEM 1ME / Decklink 3D

The CasparCG team in SVT claim they have a ton of ccg servers using the Extreme 3D, so there must be no problem using this card with the server (provided the windows drivers are ok). First be sure your card is outputting video (use a SDI monitor), then plug it to the ATEM. ATEM mixers are very picky...


Hi Didi, is is possible by any chance to add extra security to the register form to avoid spammers? adding reCaptcha would help a lot I guess. I could try to help if you need it!

Low profile Quadro K1200

Hi all, Has anybody built a system using the new nVidia Quadro K1200? It seems to be designed to fit in small form factor cases, and it is very close to the K2200 in terms of performance. Does anybody have info about a rackmount configuration with a K1200 + one output channel w/ key+fill? (blackmagi...

Re: The HTML Producer

balte wrote: do you have embedded audio enabled or disabled?
Hi balte, yes, the decklink producer has embedded sdi audio.

Do I have to configure the HTML producer audio to use also the SDI embedded instead of the sound card analog out?

Re: The HTML Producer

Hi guys

Last weekend I realized that the audio from the HTML Producer is not going out through SDI (embedded) but through the ANALOG OUT of the computer's sound card.

Have anyone seen that too? Is it possible to configure it to use the regular SDI audio instead of the sound card?

Re: The HTML Producer

Hi guys I just uploaded a video with my templates for the rugby matches. Nothing really special and graphic are not pixel pefect, but it's all HTML :) Thanks to jehvi who shared how to add a sprite sheet using adobe edge animate. I'm not using his library though, but I might in the future. The video...

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