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Multiline dynamic text fields

Dear All, I have created a Dynamic text field with Multiline enabled. And it kind of works, however it cuts away the last line of text. I do some manipulation of the text via an AS3 script on the document level: f1.text = f1.text.toUpperCase(); f1.width = 400; f1.height = f1.textHeight; Could that b...

Resizing existing rectangles

Hi Caspar Gurus I am stuck! :-( I have a template on which I have a couple of rectangles I would like to resize based on the textHeight value of a text object. I have managed to extract the textHeight value, but I cannot work out how to get hold of the rectangles in the flash scene. I have included ...

Flash graphic on-air status

Hi folks I am building a sequencer for Caspar, and I would like to indicate which items are on-air. However for this to make sense (one item could theoretically be replaced by another) , I want to query the channel to ensure that the items really are on-air. Have any of you smart people found a way ...

Masks and Text objects

Dear Caspar-Flash-experts, I struggle a bit with creating a template with 2 text objects, which I wipe on using a mask. The problem is that when the text objects are a child of the mask I get a black box equal to the object size behind the text when using the template in Caspar. (I have added a blur...

Re: Stutting animations

Thanks for your tests and inputs.
I found an old SDI glass monitor and it does indeed look korrect and interlaced on my monitor. I had used a couple of flat panels, and they are naturally progressive scanning thus the stuttering output.

Thanks again

Stutting animations

Dear All, I am fairly new to Caspar and Flash, so I was naturally doomed to fail - and I did! I am trying to create a very simple sample. I have created a simple moving rectangle in Flash CC and exported it using the Caspar Template Generator, loaded in Caspar CG and it stutters! The Flash scene is ...

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