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Dynamic videos/image sequences

Hi, I know that it's possible to load dynamic images with a flash file, but is it also possible to make videos dynamic? Let's say I don't want a still image of a player to be shown when a he scores a goal, but I want a short video to play while I also show the dynamic text with stats or something li...

Re: Adjusting White Balance

I will adjust the white balance on the cameras, but It's only possible to a certain degree, because I use different cameras and some of them only have very bad auto white balancing.
So is there an option like this planned for any future CasperCG Server releases?

Copying Decklink Input

Hi I want to mix 6 Decklink Inputs in one output channel (which is no problem), but I also want to overlay another Decklink Input in the upper left corner of each video input. It's no problem to lay it over one video input, but how can i multiply the seventh Decklink input to make it an overlay in e...

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