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Re: How to use websocket in client?

I see that the newest client on the build, 2.09, supports websockets, this would be fantastic, but I can't seem to make it work. I assume that it is like a web API. Maybe I am wrong. I would think the command from a browser assuming a clip with a UID in the client "test" would be:

Re: TriCaster 8000 and CasparCG

Here is a post I made in the vMix forum last year, hopefully this is helpful. CasparCG and NDI CasparCG Server 2.0.7 Stable and productio...

Re: New Setup

I have no interest in vMix except that we own about 30 systems. vMix has an outstanding 4 channel replay system. Built in to the Pro version. Just posting what I thought was a better solution than the ATEM. We bring in the Teradek feeds from all their de...

Re: TriCaster 40

Have you installed the Tricaster CasparCG driver?
Have you setup Tricaster as an output in your config file instead of the screen consumer?
Are you using the Startup GUI? If so, this stuff is very easy to check and change there.


Re: TriCaster 40

Go to the "gear" on the net inputs and the CasparCg Pc will show up. As long as you have installed the AirSend from the CCG download page. This has always supported Alpha channel. If you have the new "Advanced Edition" update you can update CCG to NDI with the free Updater tool at

Re: Simple Video Playout

vimlesh1975 wrote:Thank you for support. I have given a new link.

Getting this message again ?

Error (429)
This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

You may need a new host?


Re: Simple Video Playout

I have posted links to CMP in the vMix forums. Now fully supports NDI (Tricaster with Airsend update). Download the tools pack and the updater and you will never use the Caspar screen output again :-) Awesome combo that every Caspar user should be looking at. And forget all...

Re: Simple Video Playout

Hello Vimlesh,
I have referred others to your software, but now the dropbox account is suspended for too many downloads!
Wow the price of success!

Just thought I would let you know, keep up the good work.

Caspar meetup at Växjö

a new "scene producer", making advanced and dynamic compositions in XML markup. It it REALLY cool, and will suite 95% of all templates. I have heard about and have see the youtube videos about that Photoshop part, but what is this "scene producer" ? Is there any information about it that we can see...

Re: Simple Video Playout

The latest version of this client is available on first page of this topic. When installed; media are located in c:/casparcg/_media templates are located in c:/casparcg/cmp some important data in c:/casparcg/mydata The html scroll template is located in c:/casparcg/mydata/html Hello, Your applicati...

Re: Touch screen client interface

OSC is what you are looking for I think - use it with the official client. Although I have have not played with this one much. Monitor tool I have...

Live input to key channel

Just wondering if it is possible to route a second live input into the "key" channel. Example - could I take a Chyron/Expression etc. - SDI key and fill into Caspar and direct both of those to one Channel with alpha ? This seems very possible. I could go some great stuff with composites over a playl...

Re: NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display...

We have had this issue also, we are running version 331.65 on Windows 8.1 with a GT520. This has been on for a couple of weeks now. Developing a client on another machine talking to it, with none of the NVidia timeouts. Definitely a driver problem, an internet search comes up with OpenGL gamers with...

Re: Simple Video Playout

Not officially supported , but I have installed CasparCG server just fine on about 6 machines with Windows 8.1. I don't think that is the install problem.

Plus he is installing a the CMP Client. Not a Caspar Server issue.

Need Client/Template

Hello Flash or HTML5 guys. I have an upcoming project that is a graduation with 300+ students. I get a .xls with the student names. I need to be able to load that xls text over a nice lower third with animated on and off ( or even a dissolve ). with a next step type of command. I need to then have i...

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