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Re: AMCP Command Queue Overflow

I'm pretty sure you are able to find out how many frames it takes to process the current image in the render pipeline. Just add it to the time you got and you should be able to compensate it. There will be a network delay too. Use ping to get the average time spend on the wire. But this should be pr...

Re: Multi-format playout

Hi, no, you can't use the same decklink consumer in more than one channel and no, you can't have a channel that outputs different formats. But you can play video in, say 720p on a 1080i channel. You can add and remove channels by AMCP commads, so you could wirte a client that adds the appropriate ch...

Re: HTML producer and background image

What happens if you don't put the image as a background, but as an image tag? <style> HTML, BODY { Margin:0; /* Use all available space */ Padding:0; /* Use all available space */ Background:transparent; /* The HTML consumer actually makes your background transparent by default, unless a color or im...

Re: Auto Restart

Sending a AMCP command is nothing more than sending some telnet commands, which you perfectly can achive using a little batch file ;-) Or you make use of the powershell where you can use .NET libraries and do more fancy stuff. Search the forum for powershell and you will find some post about that. c...

Re: [Demo] CasparCG server on MacOS

He is not violating the GPL by not uploading the code. Did you ask him to send you a copy of the code? If he denies, then its a violation. This is a release for a very small group of beta testers and its no problem to not include the code as long as you make it available in some way. Don't be to har...

Re: Flash EOL Announced for 2020

The recommend version of Flash running on most CCG server is 5 years old now, so this already is the case. The security and compatibility is the biggest problem. The amiga was a stand alone system with no network connection to others, but CCG is most likely a windows computer connected to the intern...

Re: Flash vs HTML and the future....

Well, I really share your doubts and thoughts regarding FLASH. Its just death. There is no future for flash. Not for websites and not for other proposes as they might told us a few years ago. A few years ago, I was sure HTML producer was the new THING in CCG, but it turns out to be an unloved baby a...

Re: Introduce Input Delay?


if I rember correctly, you can add this delay within the decklink control panel.
I don't think there is an easy way to do it with ccg.
For the consumer, you could go with buffer-depth, but for a producer, I haven't seen such a setting.


Re: CINF doesn't update info

why don't you load the file to the background of an unused layer with loadbg 1-10000 info 1-10000 b and query the layer info. You should then find the correct values in the returned xml. The difference between your calculation and the the real file length post probably comes from the file headers. Y...

Re: Local TV

Hi Grega, first of all, CCG and a suiteable client would be able to handle your playout while in studio phase. But your idea of the distribution is not perfect and won't work properly. Well, let me repaint your scenario and the distribution as follows: A = Live event from the road B = Live from the ...

Re: raid 0 ssd

This is not answerable without knowing more about your hardware. Most bios raids are just softwareraid done by the normal cpu. In this case, there is absolutely no improvement over using the systems software raid. Actually, its worse because these raids are often only usable on the same boards. If y...

Re: Identify the bottleneck

It could be a thermal problem, too. Since 1u rack case tend to get hot if not assembled carefully and the decklinks + gpu cards are emitting plenty of heat, the system may just get to hot. Have you done some diag tests? How is your temp (GPU, CPU, CASE etc), your GPU + CPU workload etc. Also interes...

Re: AMCP Data Question

By the way, there are a few ready to use NET libraries in the FAQ section which you can use to connect with CCG. I implemented the CasparCGNetConnector which is a strong typed object to AMCP mapping. Instead of handling the AMCP commands your self, there are command objects, connection objects and m...

Re: Fill+Key out through HDMI?

Hi jack, 1. No, it is not possible to output fill+key with only one hdmi cable. HDMI nor SDI nor any other video cable has the ability to send the alpha channel of a video signal. The only one-wire solution would be ethernet with something like NDI. With dedicated video cabling, you will always need...

Re: ChyronHego Live

Usually, you'll have to check the MATE box and select the key source. If not, the color set by the RGB faders are used as key signal.
At least this is how a few vision mixers I used have been working.


Re: ChyronHego Live

You should activate the MATE option in your mixer and select the KEY source. As I understand your image, the current mode is ChromaKeying which is wrong if you work with KEY/FILL from ccg.

What is you ccg config?


Re: Video Play From specified time

And keep in mind that the formula used by vimlesh is for 25fps channels and clips. If you run other framerates, change it accordingly. The length and seek parameters takes the input as frame numbers, so seeking to minute 1 in your clip is framerate * 60s Given the framerate in frames/second. cheers ...

Re: Playing out the video in reverse

I don't think it's that simple. Modern video codecs are not made for that. The long GOP structure makes it very hard to play backwards, because the a lot of information is at the I-Frame and then, only changes are stored. If you play a clip reverse, the player need to scan the video stream for the I...

Re: New Setup

Have a look at the FAQ section. There are lists of libs which can help you write own clients for CCG. There is a JAVA lib if I remember correctly.

And you should also study the wiki. Especially the ACMP protocol page since this gives you a good feeling of what you can do with ccg.


Re: Help on deciding between two systems for a Caspar CG Ser

Well, if you have more than one flashtemplate, more cores might be good, but since the flash player is single threaded, it's better to have less cores with more power each if you run a single flash template that consumes a lot of resources. If you have more than one template, it's crucial to run the...

Re: Help on deciding between two systems for a Caspar CG Ser

Hardware wise I would go for the lenovo system. Especially because the GPU is better. But Win10 may be a problem. If you can downgrade to Win7, that would be my choice. For the rest of the HW, I don't see why any of the both should fail playing a video an a flash template smooth. Dell is known to be...

Re: Slow Scrubbing Issue

You could load it only once and then use the call command instead. load 2-1 FILENAME call 2-1 seek VALUE I'm not sure, but I think it does the seek from the current position, so after a first seek, the next seek can't just use the value but needs to calc the difference secondValue - firstValue. chee...

Re: Decklink Input

On caspars side nothing changes in regards to config. Just set the device number right and all the other options. But you have to configure the board with the decklink control panel to assign the sdi ports to specific functions. There is a thread with a good connection table about the quad. http://w...

Re: Freezing output

Hmm, well - could you watch the taskmanager to see the mem usage, cpu etc. of ccg and you could run the diag command, too. Then I would make sure to disable energy settings for the gpu (in the hardware manager). Also, please provide the log file of ccg and not just the a screenshot. There my be impo...

Re: Freezing output

Yes, the render sandbox error is unrelated.

For me it sounds like some energy saving function that does kill ccg.
Try to disable energy saving functions in windows and the bios. This may help.


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